Soil For Azaleas: 10 Potting Mixes Perfect For It’s Preferences

In gardening, deciding how to choose a gardening soil can pose a challenge of its own, and selecting a soil for azaleas is no different. I compiled this list of 10 soils that best suit the azalea.

My personal favorite out of this list of many soils for azaleas is the Dr. Earth Acid Lovers Organic Soil. I love this organic soil because it is specially tailored to suit the needs of the Azalea plant.

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Top 5 Soil for Azaleas

What Kind of Soil Mix is Best for this Plant?

The best soil mix for azaleas is a one that is acidic, and well-draining, yet also moisture retentive.

Our List Of Soils for Azaleas

1. Dr. Earth Acid Lovers Organic Soil

Organic Soil with optimal pH for azaleas

  • Acidic pH level
  • 100% natural mixture
  • Includes probiotics

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Dr. Earth provides a strong, organic mixture that is sure to make your azaleas the envy of the town. This acidic pH potting soil is the perfect acidity to suit the specific needs of the azaleas. On top of that, this soil for azaleas boasts that it is made from an all-natural blend of nutritious ingredients that include cottonseed meal, aloe vera, and yucca extract.  This product comes in a 1.5 cubic feet sized bag.


Reviewers were very pleased with this soil, with some saying that it is the only soil they trust for their acid loving plants, including their azaleas. However, some reviewers were unsatisfied with this product, saying that their soil’s pH was not acidic and did not work for their plants.

2. Coast of Maine Organic Acid Loving Planting Soil

Organic, nutrient rich acidic soil for azaleas

  • Acidic pH Level
  • Natural & organic
  • 20 quart bag

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This Coast of Maine soil mixture is a great organic soil for azaleas. This acidic soil mix is made with a combination of compost, peat moss, aged bark, and lime. This bag is available in a large 20 quart bag, so it can accommodate repotting larger azaleas.

3. Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix

All-purpose soil mix to help maintain water level

  • Enriched with plant food
  • Feeds up to 6 months
  • Prevents overwatering

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Miracle-Gro’s potting soil helps keep your plants adequately watered without the effort. The addition of peat moss is what keeps the soil moistened. In addition, this soil mix is also enriched with plant food and nutrients, so your plants can be happily fed for up to 6 months. This product is available in an 8 quart bag.


Happy buyers of this soil say that it helped keep their plants perfectly watered without the effort of constant watering. They also noted that they were pleased with the plant food that kept their plants fed for six months. However, some reviewers who were not impressed with this product reported that they found bugs in this soil mix.

4. Wonder Soil Premium Organic Potting Mix

Organic expanding mix for space-savers

  • Soil expands four times its size
  • Good drainage and aeration
  • Organic materials

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Wonder Soil really puts the “wonder” in this potting mix. This expanding soil expands to four times its size when water is added. It is also a lightweight soil and provides excellent drainage and moisture retention for your azaleas. The ingredients are coco coir, perlite, mycorrhizae, and kelp. This bag is also resealable, which is great for storage. The soil’s pH is between 5.2 and 6.3, which is tolerable for azaleas, but you can always add soil sulfur if you prefer a soil more acidic.


Reviewers were thrilled with this soil mix because of its rich quality and expanding feature. Reviewers also did say that the soil mix is very dusty before you wet it, so do keep that in mind and open the package with caution.

5. Superfly Bonsai Soil Mix

Bonsai soil that promotes good drainage yet with ample moisture retention

  • Pre-mixed
  • Good aeration
  • Resealable bag

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This Superfly Bonsai soil mix meets the soil preferences of an azalea bonsai. This mixture is comprised of Japanese Akadama, pumice, and USA sourced black lava. These ingredients help retain a proper amount of moisture while also aerating the roots of your plant, which is essential for its growth.


Reviewers were happy with this soil because of its well-draining properties and high quality. Disappointed customers, however, said this soil really did not do much for their plant, as well as some reporting that the soil is fragile and breaks down very easily.

6. Leaves & Soul Bonsai Soil

Premium all-purpose bonsai mix

  • Fits all bonsai varieties
  • Resealable bag
  • Maximizes aeration

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This Leaves & Soul Potting mix is certainly a good choice for your azalea plant’s health. This soil for azaleas is comprised of red lava rock, limestone pearock, calcined clay, and pine bark. This mix of ingredients is helpful to your plant because it provides aeration while also retaining enough water for nourishment. If you do have leftovers, don’t worry, this bag is conveniently resealable!


Reviewers loved this soil for its quality, saying that it was perfect for both water retention as well as drainage. They also loved the introduction of pine bark in it, saying it was a nice touch of organic material for their plants. However, unhappy buyers did report that they were unimpressed with the product, saying that they thought the soil was low quality to them.

7. Tinyroots Bonsai Soil Mix

All-purpose organic bonsai mix

  • Organic mixture
  • Good for root growth
  • Comes in two sizes

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Tinyroots offers a quality, organic bonsai soil that works great as a soil for azaleas. This potting mix consists of composted mulch, calcined clay, vermiculite, and frit. For those needing a large quantity of bonsai soil, this product comes in a large, 2.5 gallon package, which is rather unique for most bonsai soils.


Happy reviewers said that this bonsai soil was helpful to the health of their plants. They specifically mentioned their approval of the high quality of this mix. However, unsatisfied reviewers said they were disappointed in this soil mix, specifically pointing out that there was too many wood chips for their liking.

8. FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix

Organic potting mix for indoor and outdoor

  • Slightly acidic pH level
  • Large 12 quart package
  • Light, aerated soil

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This FoxFarm soil mix is a great soil for azaleas either inside or outside the home. The pH level is adjusted to 6.3 to 6.8, which is a little more on the neutral side, though your azaleas will still tolerate it. If you like it more acidic, you can add a soil acidifier for azaleas such as soil sulfur. This large, 12 quart package is full of light soil that helps improve aeration and root development.


Reviewers who purchased this mix particularly noted how impressed they were with the quality of the mix, saying that its blend of natural fertilizers helped make their plants grow beautifully. However, dissatisfied customers reported that it had an unpleasant, mothballs odor.

9. Perfect Plants Bonsai Soil for Azaleas

Premium all-purpose bonsai soil mix

  • Lightweight bonsai mix
  • Made in the US
  • Resealable bag

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This product from Perfect Plants makes for an excellent soil for azaleas. This potting mix is lightweight and provides aeration for your azalea plant. This product comes in a small 2 quart bag that is conveniently resealable.


Reviewers agree that this organic bonsai soil is the perfect addition to their garden. They specifically commended the rich quality of this planting mix. However, unhappy reviewers were displeased with the ingredients of this soil mix, saying that they did not like the amount of pine park. They felt that it wasn’t a suitable soil medium for their plants.

10. Miracle-Gro Potting Mix – Soil for Azaleas

All-purpose potting mix for any occasion

  • Enriched with plant food
  • Feeds up to six months
  • For indoor & outdoor use

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A household name, Miracle-Gro’s Potting Mix is a great soil medium to use for your azalea plant. This comes pre-mixed with nourishing plant food, that will keep your plants happy and fed for up to six months. You can easily customize this potting mix to suit your azalea’s soil preferences if you prefer by adding soil conditioner or soil acidifier, though on its own, it definitely is an acceptable choice.


Reviewers loved this classic potting mix, saying its plant food enriched formula is perfect for all of their plants, both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, disappointed reviewers reported bugs in the soil mix.

Which Soil for Azaleas Should You Choose?

Soil for Azaleas Potting mix for Azalea flowers

There is a lot of planting mixes in this list, but only some will suit your specific needs. If you want a soil with a more acidic pH level, try Dr. Earth Acid Lovers Organic Soil or Coast of Maine Organic Acid Loving Planting Soil. If you want a quality bonsai soil instead, go for Superfly Bonsai Soil Mix, Leaves & Soul Bonsai Soil, or Tinyroots Bonsai Soil Mix. If you would like something that’s a little more all-purpose, FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix or Miracle-Gro Potting Mix might be for you.

What pH Range is Best for Azaleas?

The best pH range for this plant is acidic, between 4.0 to 6.0.

What Fertilizer Ratio is Best for Azaleas?

A balanced fertilizer ratio of 15-15-15 would be suitable for azaleas.

What is a Good Pot Size for a Young Azaleas?

Soil for Azaleas

When re-potting a new azalea that you’ve brought home from the store, I would recommend to size up with a planter that is 2″ larger than the pot you purchased it in, azaleas don’t enjoy being root bound, so please size up as you see appropriate.

What is a Good Pot Size for Fully Grown Azaleas?

A pot that is about 16″ in diameter is recommended for azaleas.

What is the Original Habitat of Azaleas?

Soil for Azaleas Potting mix for Azalea flowers

Azaleas are originally native to Asia, manly China and Thailand.

How to Create Acidic Soil for Azaleas?

Soil for Azaleas Potting mix for Azalea flowers

Introducing soil sulfur to your soil mix will help lower the pH level.

How to Amend Soil for Azaleas?

You can amend the soil for azaleas by gently working in compost around the plant using a trowel. If you find that the soil pH is not acidic enough, adding soil sulfur will help.

How to Plant Azaleas in Clay Soil?

Soil for Azaleas

Azaleas enjoy a loose soil, and clay soil does have a tendency to be rather heavy. So it’s first recommended to work your clay soil to loosen it up. You can do this with either a trowel or your hands. Also, additional compost and other soil conditioners for azaleas are must-haves for your azalea’s health and longevity.

What is the Difference Between a Rhododendron and Azalea?

Soil for Azaleas Potting mix for Azalea flowers

Rhododendron is the genus of plants which Azaleas belong to. All azaleas are rhododendrons, however, not every rhododendron is an azalea. The hallmark differences between the two are that azaleas are deciduous (meaning they annually shed their leaves), while rhododendrons are evergreen.

My Personal Favorite Soil for Azaleas

Soil for Azaleas

My personal favorite out of this list of wonderful soils is the Dr. Earth Acid Lovers Organic Soil. I love this organic soil for azaleas because it is specially tailored to suit the needs of the Azalea plant. It is blended with many all-natural ingredients that feed your azalea and keep it healthy.

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