Amanda, How to Buy Plants Online?

There are definite benefits to ordering plants from an online nursery instead of a physical garden center. We asked Amanda Lander for her tips to successfully order plants online.

Amanda is an enthusiastic gardener with experience gardening in two very different climates. She has a passion for all things green and growing, especially native plants and their many uses. She tries and tests all she learns and loves to share that practical, proven knowledge with others

Amanda, What are the benefits of buying plants online?

The main benefits of buying plants online are increased variety, convenience, and price. Shopping from the comfort of your own home is much more convenient than driving from nursery to nursery to find the plant you want. Having it delivered to your doorstep only adds to the convenience.

where to buy plants

There is a limited variety of plants available at a physical nursery because of space, weather, and consumer demand. Online nurseries are not affected by these limitations, so you can easily find a wide variety of plants you may not regularly see in your area. Online plant stores often offer many unique container choices.

You can order plants online at lower prices if you shop carefully. Prices are competitive because more and more gardeners are shopping online. Online plant stores can reduce costs by utilizing multiple growers and moving their stock more efficiently.

How do you order house plants online?

The basic steps to order plants online are similar to shopping in a physical garden nursery. First, check the customer reviews of the particular nursery. Try to learn if the plants are well packaged and healthy.

what to consider when ordering plants online

Next, browse or search for the plant you are interested in and read the description carefully. You should be able to learn these facts from the plant description:

  • hardiness zone
  • botanical name
  • light preference
  • soil type
  • water preference
  • size of the plant when mature
  • rate of growth
  • care instructions

Make sure you can provide the light, temperature, space, and water your chosen plant will need.

Look for multiple pictures to show what to expect from the plant you picked. Because you cannot see the plant physically, seeing it from all angles and at different stages of life will help you decide if this is the right plant for your space.

Is it safe to order plants online? Do the plants arrive safely?

It is safe to order plants online if you order from a reputable nursery. Plants are packed carefully to avoid damage in shipping. If damage does occur, the nursery you ordered from should replace it or refund your order amount.

What should you pay attention to when ordering plants online?

When ordering plants online, pay close attention to the customer reviews and shipping dates. You should be able to find out the quality of the plants, how they are shipped, and what the customer service is like from the reviews.

Order plants online

Many online nurseries do not ship at the time of purchase, particularly if you order outdoor plants. However, most house plants are shipped promptly.

Before placing your order, check the fine print. Online nurseries will sometimes display photos of mature plants but only ship cuttings or bare roots. Be sure to note the return policy in case you have any problems with your delivery.

How do you take care of a plant delivery that just arrived?

It is easy to take care of a new plant delivery. When your online plant order arrives, unbox it as soon as possible and check it over for pests and diseases. Remove any diseased leaves and any visible pests.

where to buy plants

Do not water your plant immediately. Instead, check to see if the soil is moist and water it gently if it is dry.

Place your new plant in low light at first. Gradually increase the light exposure over a week until the optimum light level for your specific plant is reached. Your plant has traveled in complete darkness for several days and sudden intense light exposure could shock it.

Repot your plant only if necessary. If you ordered a bare roots plant, the roots are growing out of the pot, or the soil is diseased or full of pests, your plant will need a new pot right away. If those factors aren’t an issue, repotting will only add to the stress of any plants you order online.

What are good places to buy plants online?

It can be difficult to find good places to order plants online. Research shows the following online nurseries are reliable and have high-quality products.

where to buy plants
  • Bloomscape
    • At Bloomscape you will find a wide variety of quality houseplants. Examples include but are not limited to:
      • Summer Bromeliad
      • Ponytail Palm
      • Pitcher Plant
what to consider when ordering plants online
  • This plant store ships to the 48 contiguous states directly from the greenhouse for the freshest possible delivery.
    • Bloomscape has consistently excellent reviews across multiple platforms.
    • Products are well-packaged for shipping even in winter.
    • The website is easy to navigate.
    • They offer a 30-day guarantee.
    • Each plant comes in a high-quality pot and includes detailed care instructions.
    • You can buy gardening tools, soil, fertilizers, and more.
Order plants online
  • The Sill
    • The Sill offers a wide variety of houseplants sold individually and via monthly subscription.
    • A handy quiz can help you decide which plant to order if you’re unsure.
    • This plant store ships coast to coast and has several store-fronts in different parts of the country.
    • Plants are well-packaged for travel and heat packs are included for winter shipping.
    • The Sill offers a 30-day guarantee and they will match the price if it drops within 3 days of order placement.
    • Low prices start at $5.
    • The website is easy to navigate.
    • Customer reviews on multiple platforms are great.
    • Each plant comes with a planter and access to the full digital plant Care Library.
    • They also sell potting mixes, planters, indoor garden tools, fertilizers, and grow lights.
where to buy plants
  • Select Seeds
    • Select Seeds specializes in seeds but also sells live garden flowers, herbs, vegetables, and strawberries
    • This nursery ships coast to coast directly from their Connecticut greenhouse between April and June.
    • Live plants are carefully packaged to arrive safely.
    • Select Seeds has great reviews and repeat customers on many platforms.
what to consider when ordering plants online
  • Planting Tree offers trees, shrubs, fruits and berries, ornamental grasses, patio plants, and houseplants.
    • This nursery ships coast to coast from North Carolina.
    • They offer a 30-day shipping guarantee and a 5-day replacement guarantee after arrival.
    • All plants are potted and well-watered before shipping in sturdy, protective boxes.
    • On multiple platforms, they have terrific customer reviews and customer service.
    • They also sell soil, lawn seed, fertilizers, and landscape lighting.

Where to buy succulent plants online?

Order plants online
  • The Succulent Source
    • The Succulent Source specializes in succulents, cacti, and air plants.
    • This online plant store ships to all 50 states.
    • They have customer reviews and glowing recommendations.
    • All plants are carefully packed for shipping and you can purchase heat packs for shipping in freezing temperatures.
    • They will happily refund or reship your order if shipping damage does occur.
    • The Succulent Source is family-owned and operated in California.
    • They sell succulent arrangements, special event packages, and individual plants.
    • They also sell pots and planters, favor tags, soil, and gravel.

In your opinion, where is the best place to buy plants online?

The best place to order indoor plants online, in my opinion, is The Sill. The Sill offers a huge variety of houseplants at both budget-friendly and splurge-worthy prices. The customer service is prompt and friendly, and you can order indoor gardening supplies at the same time.

In my opinion, the best place to order outdoor plants in season is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. This family-owned company offers organic heirloom seeds and plants and guarantees purchases with free replacements or a full refund if they fail in your garden. They ship free in the U.S. and for a fee internationally.

Don’t be afraid to order plants online. Do thorough research on the company you choose and enjoy having plants delivered right to your door.

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