Pot For Spider Plant: 10 Planters Perfect For Airplane Ribbon Plant

Searching for the best pot for spider plants can have a lot of twists and turns. To make things easier for you, I compiled a list of 10 pots for spider plants that will make your plants thank you.

For me, ePlanters NIDO Cottage Self Watering Hanging Basket Planter Pot is the best pot for spider plant. It is a versatile self-watering planter that can be used indoors & out, and tabletop or hanging. 

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Top 5 Pot for Spider Plant

What Kind of Pot is Ideal for Spider Plant?

The spider plant does well in a strong plastic pot that can withstand its root growth; clay pots are not good for this plant because it could easily break during the spider plant’s growth period.

Our List Of Pots for Spider Plants

1. ePlanters NIDO Cottage Self Watering Hanging Basket Planter Pot

Hanging planter with self-watering feature

  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • 100% recyclable
  • Three color options
  • Removable hanger

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This hanging basket from ePlanters is a great way to make sure your spider plant’s soil is properly moistened without drowning it in water. You won’t be disappointed with an award-winning, German engineered self-watering system; a convenient gauge is also included to easily check your planter’s water level. This 10.6” pot comes in three colors, white, mocha, or granite. The hanging feature is also optional, and you can easily remove it to turn this into a tabletop planter.

2. La Jolie Muse Store Large Hanging Planters

Set of two hanging planters

  • Drainage holes included
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Adjustable hanger

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Two is better than one with this pair of hanging planters from La Jolie Muse Store. These pots for spider plants are identical and measure 13.2” in diameter and 6.7” in depth. Great for both indoor & outdoor usage, these planters are made from durable recyclable plastic to withstand not only weather, but the strong tuberous roots that your airplane plant will grow. Drainage holes are included- a must have for a plastic pot for spider plants. The hanger is conveniently adjustable to accommodate any area of your home.


Reviewers were very happy with these planter’s quality and durability both inside and outside the home. They were also very pleased with the fact that this product comes in a two-pack of planters. However, other reviewers did report that they received planters with a rope hanger (instead of a chain as shown on the listing).

3. Gardener’s Supply Company Railing Planter

Planter that is intended to hang from a railing

  • Self-mounting
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Can fit 4” railing
  • For outdoor use

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This railing planter from Gardener’s Supply Company is a fun, yet very functional pot to house a “hen and chickens plant”. This pot shape is 24” long, 11” wide, and 7.5” deep and made from highly durable polypropylene, which is excellent for outdoor use. Two drainage holes are included in this planter, which makes sure that any excess water won’t cause root rot in your spider plant. On top of that, this planter is self-mounting, so no need for screws or drills.

4. Kimisty Mid Century Modern Ceramic Planter

Sleek, yet practical tabletop planter

  • Bamboo stand is included
  • Drainage hole with plug
  • Durable ceramic pot

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This Kimisty planter is a modern addition to your home, but it also serves as a great vessel to house your spider ivy. What I like about this pot for spider plants, is that it comes with a bamboo stand, which gives the planter extra height for your spider plant’s long leaves to hang comfortably. You won’t have to worry about overwatering with this pot, as it does come with a drainage hole. The material of this 12” pot is a high temperature heavy ceramic, which is strong against the roots of the spider plant.


Reviewers raved about the quality of this planter, saying it was not only beautiful in their home, but it was the perfect pot to keep their plants healthy. Other reviews took notice at the sturdy quality of both the ceramic planter, as well as the bamboo stand that could support a full pot. However, other reviewers did not agree, claiming this planter looked and felt cheap and weak to them.

5. Gardener’s Supply Company AquaSav Oxford Wall Planter

Coir basket that helps conserve water

  • Naturally self-watering
  • Hangs from wall
  • Basket made from coir

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This Gardener’s Supply Company planter is made from a coir basket that is perfect for retaining moisture, but without making the soil detrimentally wet. Coir is helpful to the plant because it can absorb extra moisture, yet also allowing for aeration through the plant, which prevents root rot (a killer for ribbon plants). The coir basket sits in a second basket made from steel, and is designed to hang from a wall or fence.


Reviewers loved how useful this planter was for their garden! They thought the 18” long by 9” width and height was the perfect size for their plants. However, a few reviewers expressed disappointment with the fact that this planter does not come with replacement liners for the coir basket.

6. Gardener’s Supply Company Weave Self-Watering Hanging Basket

Self-Watering hanging planter with classic woven look

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Holds 4 quarts of soil mix
  • Water reservoir holds 2 cups

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This hanging basket from the Gardener’s Supply Company is not only aesthetically pleasing, but your airplane plant will love it for its functionality. This planter is made from durable polypropylene to withstand the strong roots of a spider plant. The self-watering reservoir can hold up to 2 cups of water. Available in three colors, this pot for spider plants measures 10.5” in diameter and 6.5” in depth, so it is a relatively shallow pot.


Reviewers were pleased with this planter, mainly praising how easy its self-watering feature was to navigate. However, unsatisfied customers pointed out how they did not like the plastic material these plants were made from, and other reviews said the chain that the planter hangs from doesn’t seem stable enough to hold a full pot.

7. ePlanters American Essence Helena Hanging Planter

Convertible planter with self-watering feature

  • For indoor use only
  • Lightweight polystyrene
  • Multiple color options

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This pot from ePlanters is a great pot for spider plants that you intend on keeping only indoors. This planter can be used either as a hanging or tabletop pot, so it’s versatile for any room of the house. Two sizes are available, 10” diameter and 6.5” deep or 12” diameter and 7” deep. The self-watering feature will make sure your spider plant is watered moderately.

8. Gardener’s Supply Company Bloen Durra Cotta Hanging Basket

Durable plastic self-watering hanging planter

  • Polypropylene
  • Freeze-resistant
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Made in the US

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Gardener’s Supply Company really delivers with a pot for spider plants that is basic, yet fully functional. This 12.5” polypropylene hanging planter has a hidden reservoir that holds water and provides a self-watering function for your plant. Its plastic material has the classic look of clay, but will be able to withstand the strong roots that ribbon plants grow.

9. Fiskars Ariana Planter

Basic self-watering tabletop pot

  • Tabletop planter
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Indoor & outdoor use

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This back-to-basics planter from Fiskars is a good choice for those looking for a tabletop planter to house their

spider plant. The pot’s self-watering function features a double-layer system in which there is a water reservoir on the bottom that channels water up into the soil via evaporation. Its polypropylene material is perfect for spider plants and its dimensions are 8.75” diameter by 7” height, making it ideal for medium-sized spider plants.


Reviewers are pleased with this planter, saying it is a good basic choice for a self-watering planter without too many bells and whistles and it gets the job done. However, other reviewers were unsatisfied with the pot, criticizing how the plastic material made the overall pot feel cheap and some other reviewers did not find the self-watering to be helpful.

10. ePlanters Lechuza Balconera Color Balcony Railing Planter

Balcony planter for indoor & outdoor use

  • Can fit multiple plants
  • Easy installation
  • Two sizes available

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This self-watering balcony planter from ePlanters is the perfect pot for spider plant owners who live in apartments and need a space saver for their balcony garden. This planter conveniently hangs from your balcony, and is long enough to fit more than one spider plant. There are two sizes available (20” by 7” and 32” by 7”) so you can find your perfect fit. Not only that, but this is planter is self-watering so don’t worry about having to water your spider plants, this planter does it for you and has a water level indicator so you know when its time to refill.

Which pot for Spider Plant Should You Choose?

Planter for hen and chickens plant

There are definitely a lot of great options on this list. The best overall is ePlanters NIDO Cottage Self Watering Hanging Basket Planter Pot, because it has a little of everything for me. For those with multiple plants, I would say ePlanters Lechuza Balconera Color Balcony Railing Planter, La Jolie Muse Store Large Hanging Planters, or Gardener’s Supply Company Railing Planter is your best option. If you don’t have the time to consistently water your plants, try a self-watering pot like Gardener’s Supply Company Bloen Durra Cotta Hanging Basket or Gardener’s Supply Company Weave Self-Watering Hanging Basket

What pH Range is Best for Spider Plant?

Spider ivy will do well in a more neutral pH range. So ideally, a pH of about 6 to 7.5 would be best for an airplane plant.

What Fertilizer Ratio is Best for Spider Plant?

Look for a fertilizer with a 3-1-2 ratio. Spider plants only need a diluted solution of fertilizer applied very infrequently; about every 2 to 4 weeks.

What is the Size of a Fully Grown Spider Plant?

At maturity, a spider plant can fully grow up to 2 1/2 feet wide and 3 feet long.

What is a Good Pot Size for a Young Spider Plant?

Pot For Spider Plant

While spider plants do well in smaller pot, I would repot a new spider plant in a pot that is 2 inches larger than what you purchased the plant in, something that is about 4 to 6 inches in diameter would suffice.

What is a Good Pot Size for a Fully Grown Spider Plant?

Planter for hen and chickens plant

Spider plants survive best when they’re root bound in a smaller container. For a mature plant, I would say the smallest size pot would be 10 inches, while the largest I would go is 24 inches if you find yourself with a huge spider plant. At 24 inches, you can also include smaller spider plants to help make the plant look bushier.

What is the Original Habitat of the spider plant?

Spider plants originally hail from southern Africa, primarily in coastal and tropical regions.

What’s the Best Potting Soil for Spider plant?

Container for airplane, ribbon Spider ivy plant

How to choose a gardening soil for a specific plant can be tricky. The best soil mix for spider plant is a well-draining soil that also can retain moisture. Soil for spider plant babies should be the same as it is for a more mature plant as well.

Should this Plant Pot have Good Drainage?

Yes, good drainage is essential to the health of your spider plant. It keeps excess moisture out of your plant and prevents root rot.

Should a Pot for Spider Plant Plant Retain Moist Soil?

Yes, but at the same time, it should still be able to drain excess moisture.

How Many Spider Plants Per Pot?

Pot For Spider Plant

Your spider plant can share a pot with other smaller spider plants, but be wary of adding too many because that could have an adverse effect on your plant.

How to make Spider Plants Bushier?

You can do so by adding just a few juvenile plants around the larger plant.

Is My Spider Plant Pot Too Big?

Your pot might be too big if you start to suspect that your plant is falling prey to root rot. If this is the case, please transfer your spider plant to a smaller container with fresh soil.

My personal favorite pot for a spider plant

Container for airplane, ribbon Spider ivy plant

Again, my favorite out of the list is the ePlanters NIDO Cottage Self Watering Hanging Basket Planter Pot. It checks off all the boxes when it comes to an excellent pot for spider plant. It is self-watering and versatile, so you can keep it anywhere in the home whether you keep your plants inside and outside. In addition, its material is made from plastic, which is durable enough to handle the tough roots of the spider plant. It checks off all the boxes when it comes to an excellent pot for spider plant.

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