Pot For Prayer Plant: 10 Planters Perfect For Maranta Leuconeura

There’s a lot of options when selecting a pot for prayer plants. To make it easier, here’s a list of 10 pots that are best suited for your prayer plant. 

My personal favorite in this list of many planters is the MyGift Ceramic Round Planter Pot. I love this planter because it is a round, shallow glazed ceramic planter, perfect for prayer plant.

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Top 5 Pot for Prayer Plant

What Kind of Pot Material is Ideal for this Plant?

Prayer plants like to retain moisture, so the most appropriate pot materials for this plant would be plastic, glazed ceramic, fiberglass, or glass.

10 Pots for Prayer Plant

1. MyGift Ceramic Round Planter Pot

Shallow ceramic planter with contemporary style

  • Drainage hole included
  • Comes with tray to catch excess water
  • Glazed ceramic

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This ceramic planter from MyGift is the perfect option for a stylish, shallow pot to house your prayer plant. Made with glazed ceramic, this planter will keep your prayer plant properly moist, while the drainage hole helps expel any unnecessary excess water. Included is also a drainage tray to catch any water and keep your home clean. This planter is 8 inches in diameter, and 3 inches deep.


Reviewers agree this beautiful planter is the perfect addition to their home, saying this planter is simple, yet with full functionality. Despite this, some reviewers did say that the bottom of the drainage tray scratched their table top surface, and recommended placing something underneath the tray. Other reviewers were concerned about the small drainage hole on this planter as well.

2. Muzhi 12 Pack Matte Finish Black Round Bonsai Bowl

Multipack of shallow plastic planters

  • Multi-grid drainage
  • Made of plastic
  • Comes with 12 planters

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Perfect if you’ve got a lot of plants to house, these Muzhi matte black planters are a great economic choice without skimping on quality. Made from plastic, these shallow planters have a multi-grid drainage at the bottom of the planter, so that way your plants can stay moist, without sitting in excess water. These planters are 7.8” in diameter and 3.15” in depth, perfect for the shallow root system of the prayer plant.


Reviewers were very pleased with these planters’ quality, saying it was the perfect size for their plants. They also loved how this came in a 12 piece multipack, the more the merrier! However, some unsatisfied reviewers did not like the plastic material, as they felt that it was too thin.

3. Lawei 3 Pack Round Planter Pots

Multipack of white ceramic planters

  • Included bamboo drainage tray
  • Three planters included
  • Glazed ceramic

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This pack of three planters from Lawei is the perfect addition to your home garden, and an even more perfect pot for prayer plants. This planter is made from glazed ceramic and has a drainage hole, which is perfect for moisture retention. The dimensions of these planters are 6.29” in diameter and 1.57” in depth. Included is bamboo tray, which conveniently holds excess moisture that has drained from the planter


Reviewers were satisfied with this multipack of planters, saying that it was the perfect size for their plants that needed a shallow pot. They also commended the sturdiness of the pot and the bamboo drainage tray.

4. Cellar Door Plants Minnow Planter

Quirky shallow planter great for young plants

  • Made of porcelain
  • Drainage hole included
  • Small size

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This fun container from Cellar Door Plants might look a little unorthodox, but it is the perfect size and shape for a pot for prayer plants that are just starting out. This planter is oval shaped, 4.7” in diameter at its widest and 2.7” at its smallest diameter, by 2.7” in depth, which is an appropriate pot volume for a juvenile plant This pot is also made of porcelain and has a drainage hole, which keeps your younglings properly moistened.

5. Léon & George Scandinavian – The Eight

Minimalistic planter for adult prayer plants

  • Glazed ceramic inside and out
  • Drainage hole and tray included
  • Appropriate for inside & outside

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Simple yet functional, this minimal planter from Léon & George is the definition of “back to basics.” This planter measures 8.25” across and 7.5” in depth, which is a little deeper than most pots for prayer plants, but its still appropriate, especially if your prayer plant is on the larger side. The material for this planter is glazed ceramic, which won’t absorb water, leaving your plant’s roots nice and nourished. There is also a drainage tray at the bottom, catching excess water and preventing a mess

6. Léon & George Scandinavian – The Four

The Eight’s smaller sister for young plants

  • Glazed ceramic inside and out
  • Drainage hole and tray included
  • Good for juvenile plants

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Just its larger counterpart, Léon and George bring this small planter, ideal for younger prayer plants. Made from ceramic that has been glazed both inside and out, this planter will give your young Prayer plant the adequate moisture it needs. Measuring at 4” in diameter and 4.25” in depth, this size is ideal for housing younglings. Also included is a drainage tray for excess water.

7. ePlanters Jay Scotts Tonto Square Fiberglass Planter

Square planter with multiple color options

  • Fiberglass
  • 21 colors
  • Indoor & outdoor use

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This planter from ePlanters comes in a rainbow of colors and is a great vessel to house your beautiful prayer plant. This planter is in a square shape, measuring 7” in diameter and 7” in depth. It is a little deep for a traditional prayer plant pot, though it is still suitable for larger and more mature plants. The material this planter is made from is durable fiberglass that is weatherproof and UV resistant, so no need to worry if you’re housing your prayer plant outdoors

8. La Jolie Muse Flower Pots Planter

Plastic planter with great drainage

  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Raised drainage hole
  • Weather resistant

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This La Jolie Muse  might look basic, but it is a great planter for prayer plants. Made from plastic, this planter comes with a raised drainage hole, which will filter out the excess moisture, making your plants happy and healthy. This lightweight planter is good for indoors and outdoors as well (it’s even weather-resistant so no worries here). Its measurements are 8.6” in diameter and 6.7” in depth.


Reviewers were very pleased with their planters, saying that they loved how lightweight and high-quality it was. While they did love the drainage that this pot provided, they did advise that you should also get a tray for drainage, which this pot does not come with.

9. VanEnjoy Round Large Planter Pot

Ceramic shallow planter with drainage

  • For indoor use
  • Made of glazed ceramic
  • Available in multiple color options

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This planter from VanEnjoy is a rustic ceramic planter to house your prayer plants. Measuring at 7.3” in diameter and 2.17” in height, this indoor pot for prayer plants is ideal for their shallow root system. The material is glazed ceramic, and there is an additional drainage hole, giving your prayer plant the optimal amount of moisture.

10. Cellar Door Plants Simple Planters

Simple pot for prayer plant

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Good for smaller or younger plants
  • Drainage hole included

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Cellar Door Plants Simple Planter is a good choice for when you need a standard, practical pot for prayer plants. The 5.5” diameter and 6” depth make it more suited for younger prayer plants. Nevertheless, it is a good sturdy pot, with multiple color options for the interior design savvy gardeners out there. And there is of course a drainage hole to keep the unnecessary extra water out.

Which Product Should You Choose?

Planter for Maranta Leuconeura

There are plenty of options to choose from on this list when it comes to a pot for prayer plants. If you like an overall great shallow ceramic planter, I would suggest MyGift Ceramic Round Planter Pot. If you have many types of prayer plants and need a place to put all of them, try for Lawei 3 Pack  Round Planter Pots or Muzhi 12 Pack Matte Finish Black Round Bonsai Bowl. If you have a juvenile plant and need a small pot to care for it in, Cellar Door Plants Minnow Planter or Léon & George Scandinatian – The Four is the way to go.

What pH Range is Best for this Plant?

The maranta leuconeura does well in an acidic pH level, between 5.5 to 6.0.

What Fertilizer Ratio is Best for this Plant?

Pot For Prayer Plant

The best fertilizer ratio for the red prayer plant is a water soluble 10-10-10 fertilizer.

What is the Size of a Fully Grown Plant?

Prayer plants can grow as tall as 10″ to 12″.

What is a Good Pot Size for a Young Plant?

A good pot size for a young prayer plant would be between 4″ to 6″ in diameter.

What is a Good Pot Size for a Fully Grown Plant?

Planter for Maranta Leuconeura

A fully grown prayer plant would do best in a pot size of about 6″ to 8″, and with a shallow depth.

What is the Original Habitat of this Plant?

Prayer Plants are native to the jungles of Brazil.

What’s the Best Potting Soil for a Prayer Plant?

Pot For Prayer Plant

The best soil mix is an acidic, loamy soil that consists of peat moss, loamy soil, and perlite or sand. Figuring out how to choose a gardening soil just as important as choosing a pot.

How to Revive a Prayer Plant?

Planter for Maranta Leuconeura

If you suspect your prayer plant might be dying, try these steps. Transplant your potted prayer plant in a clean pot with fresh, nutrient rich soil. And make sure you only water when the soil starts to feel dry, but never let it dry completely. Most prayer plant problems stem from an inadequate water supply level.

Should this Plant Pot have Good Drainage?

Planter for Maranta Leuconeura

Yes it should, prayer plants should be adequately moist, but not totally drenched in water. Drainage is important for this reason, you may want to find a pot with a self-watering feature though it is certainly not a necessity.

Should this Plant Retain Moist Soil?

Yes, it should, but not too much as to result in root rot.

My Personal Choice

Pot For Prayer Plant

Of course there are a world of options when choosing a pot for prayer plants, but my personal favorite is MyGift Ceramic Round Planter Pot. What I like about this pot is that is it made from glazed ceramic and has a drainage hole, so it keeps your prayer plant healthy and properly moistened. In addition, this product also includes a drainage tray to catch the excess water. And on top of that, its size and dimensions make it ideal to suit the shallow root system of the prayer plant.

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