Pot For Monstera: 10 Perfect Planters For Swiss Cheese Plant

Monsteras may look intimidating from their size, but don’t let that stop you from picking the perfect pot for monsteras. Check out this list I compiled of some of the best pots for monstera plants. 

My personal choice is the ePlanters Lechuza Classico Premium Planter because of its self-watering system that lets your monstera flourish with minimal effort. In addition, it comes in seven different sizes, so you can have the same top-quality care for your monstera of any size. 

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Top 5 Planters For Swiss Cheese Plant

What kind of pot is ideal for this plant?

The ideal pot for a monstera is a large, deep pot with plenty of drainage. A shallow pot would not be appropriate because monsteras need a deep pot to grow and for the gardener to place a support stake as the plant gets taller and taller. The pot itself needs some type of drainage system, either holes, self-watering systems, a layer of rocks, or a porous material such as a monstera in a terra cotta pot will work.

1. ePlanters Lechuza Classico Premium Planter

Large self-watering planter with many style options

  • Available in 28 colors
  • Large size options
  • 100% recyclable

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This planter from ePlanters is really just the full package. First, they have 28 different color options and different large sizes that can accommodate a monstera at any stage of its life. And that’s just aesthetics, this planter is also very impressive when it comes to its award winning, German engineered self-watering system. Meant for indoor use only, this planter is frost and UV resistant and is also 100% recyclable.

2. Songmics Ceramic Plant Pot

Chic, medium sized planter with optional drainage holes

  • Drainage holes come with plug
  • Minimalist white aesthetic
  • Made of ceramic clay

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This planter from Songmics is another minimal pot that packs quite the punch. It is made from quality ceramic, and is durable through changing weather conditions. A drainage hole does come with it, and it can be plugged using an included stopper. The dimensions of this planter is 10.7” in diameter and 11.8” in height.


Reviewers were very happy with this pot, saying it was great for a variety of potted plants. They liked the overall quality of the pot, some reviewers noting how sturdy and heavy the pot itself is. Some buyers did express their disappointment with the fact that there’s no draining tray, and the drainage plug sometimes leaks.

3. Gardener’s Supply Company Lechuza Rondo Self-Watering Planters

Tall, sleek self-watering planters with different size and color options

  • Available in 6 colors
  • 2 large sizes available
  • Made in Germany

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Beautiful and functional, this German-made planter from Gardener’s Supply Company will have your monstera deliciosa thanking you. Its large planting depth is perfect for large plants such as the monstera, and its self-watering feature will feed your plant without overwatering it. Two sizes are available- a 13” diameter and 22” deep version, or a larger one that is 16” diameter by 30“ deep. To top it all off, these planters are available in six different colors.

4. Léon & George Scandinavian – The Ten

Medium sized planter with good drainage

  • Modern look
  • Comes with a drainage tray
  • Three color options

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Perfect for younger, smaller monsteras, this pot from Léon & George is a modern style planter that will keep juvenile monsteras happy and healthy while they grow. This pot is available in three shades and measures 10” in diameter. Two pieces make up this planter; one is the pot where the plant is housed, and the other is a draining tray to catch any excess water that drains from the soil mix.

5. Gardener’s Supply Company Lechuza Cararo Rectangular Indoor Planter with Casters

Large, self-watering pot with ample water reservoir

  • Water reservoir holds 2.5 gallons of water
  • Concealed rollers for easy moving
  • Includes water gauge

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This large planter from Gardener’s Supply Company is a great pot for monsteras that lean on the larger side. The 30” width by 12” length rectangle pot shape gives your monstera room for its roots to grow. And if you tend to rearrange your furniture often, no problem! This planter has concealed wheels to easily move your plant from one place to another. Another helpful feature is the self-watering system, which includes a water reservoir that holds 2.5 gallons of water and includes a gauge to see whether your tank needs to be refilled.

Reviewers were generally happy with the self-watering feature, the wheels, and the overall look of this planter. However, they did note that the top of the planter and the bottom seemed to be two different shades.

6. Classic Home and Garden Store Honeysuckle Planter

Large ceramic pot good for indoor or outdoor use

  • Weather resistant
  • Holds 5.6 gallons
  • Does not come with drainage holes

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Just like in its name, this pot from Classic Home and Garden Store gives you the classic clay-pot look with great functionality to house a monstera. This 15” planter has a pot volume of 5.6 gallons, so it can certainly hold a medium to large plant. While drainage holes are not included, the seller makes it clear they are able to be drilled into the pot if preferred.


Reviewers were very happy with the quality of this pot, and said it was the perfect addition to their home gardens. They were also disappointed by the fact that drainage holes were not included, but that disappointment was offset by how easy buyers found it to drill the holes in themselves.

7. UPshining FXXL01 Fiber Clay White Cylinder Pot

Large minimalist planter

  • Fits minimalist aesthetic
  • Made of clay
  • Drainage hole included

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This planter from UPshining is a great choice for those who want to keep a minimalist aesthetic yet also want a pot that checks all the boxes for functionality. Made from fiber-clay, this 16”x16” deep planter is the perfect size to house a monstera plant. There is also an included drainage hole to keep your plant healthy and prevent root rot.


Reviewers loved this pot for monstera plants, saying it is spacious and the perfect addition to their homes. They liked the overall size, look, and quality of the pot itself. There are no negative reviews so far, but one buyer did say that it’s easy to stain this white planter, so handle with caution.

8. Gardener’s Supply Company Lechuza® Delta Premium Self-Watering Planters

Tall and deep self-watering planter

  • Two color options
  • Two large size options
  • Made of polystyrene

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This tall planter from Gardener’s Supply may look nice, but it is a perfect pot for monsteras because of its depth and self-watering feature. This planter comes in two sizes; one 11.4” diameter/22.3” height and the other is 15.4” diameter/29.7” height. Both sizes are deep enough to be able to accommodate a support beam for your growing monstera. This pot is also self-watering, keeping your monstera moist, yet not too wet.

9. HBServices USA Self-Watering Round Planter

Medium sized self-watering pot

  • Six color options
  • Removable wheels for easy movement
  • For indoor & outdoor use

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This planter from HBServices USA is the practical pot for a monstera. This 12” pot is a good option for a small to medium sized monstera. Not only that, but this pot comes with a self watering feature to make sure your Swiss cheese plant has the perfect amount of moisture. Also included are attachable wheels that makes rearranging your plant a breeze.


Reviewers were very happy with how this pot worked to water their plants. While some reviewers did feel hesitant at first with buying a plastic pot such as this, their minds were changed once they realized how functional this planter really is! Unfortunately, other reviewers could not be swayed, and expressed disappointment with the overall quality of this planter.

10. Léon & George Ceramic Planter – The Fourteen

Stylish large planter with optional stand

  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Made of glazed ceramic
  • Waterproof

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For those who are concerned with style, this planter from Léon & George is right up your alley. This planter is 14” in diameter and 14.75” deep, which is an excellent size for a monstera adansonii. The downside to this gorgeous planter is that it has no drainage holes, so it is highly recommended to set a layer of rocks at the bottom of the pot before you begin planting, that way you can add drainage to this vessel.

Which One Should You Choose?

Pot For Monstera

There are many options to choose from, but only a few might satisfy your specific needs.

If you have a smaller monstera that needs steady nourishment during its juvenile days, go for HBServices USA Self-Watering Round Planter or Léon & George Scandinavian – The Ten.

If functional style is what you’re after, then ePlanters Lechuza Classico Premium Planter, UPshining FXXL01 Fiber Clay White Cylinder Pot, or Songmics Ceramic Plant Pot will work for you.

If you’ve got a behemoth of a monstera that needs a new home, Gardener’s Supply Company Lechuza Cararo Rectangular Indoor Planter with Casters is exactly what you need.

What pH Range is Best for this Plant?

Container for Monstera deliciosa

Monsteras do best in a soil with a slightly acidic pH range; so aim for something between 5.5 to 6.5

What Fertilizer Ratio is Best for this Plant?

Planter for Swiss Cheese Plant

A liquid 20-20-20 ratio fertilizer will be best for this plant.

What is the Size of a Fully Grown Plant?

With the right care and conditions, a monstera can grow to be as tall as 15 feet.

What is a Good Pot Size for a Young Plant?

Container for Monstera deliciosa

When repotting a young plant, opt for a pot size that is 2 sizes up from what you originally purchased the plant in. These plants are rapid developers and require a deep planter.

What is a Good Pot Size for a Fully Grown Plant?

Pot For Monstera

A good pot for monsteras at full maturity needs to be very large and very deep, as you will need to use a stake to help support the massive plant.

What is the Original Habitat of this Plant?

These plants originate from both Central America and Southeast Asia

What’s the Best Potting Soil for this Plant?

Planter for Swiss Cheese Plant

The best potting soil for this plant should be well-draining yet can retain enough moisture to keep it sustained. Soil mixes for cacti and succulents are also suitable for the Swiss cheese plant as well.

Should this Plant Pot have Good Drainage?

Absolutely, this pot should have ample drainage holes or be made from a porous material such as terra cotta.

Should this Plant Retain Moist Soil?

Container for Monstera deliciosa

Yes, this plant should retain some moisture in its soil while still being well-draining. How to choose a gardening soil can be tedious, especially for specific plants such as the monstera.

Can you Plant Multiple Monstera in One Pot?

Pot For Monstera

It is possible, but do keep in mind monsteras need a lot of pot space so make sure you have a big enough pot to compensate for more than one.

What Size Pot is Best for Monstera Cutting?

When propagating a monstera cutting, I would recommend a small pot size of about 6 to 8 inches would be good while the young plant grows roots.

Hopefully this list has helped narrow down your search for the perfect pot for monstera plants. I would recommend ePlanters Lechuza Classico Premium Planter because of its excellent self-watering system, and its wide variety of sizes that really takes the guesswork out of caring for your plant.

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