Pot for Christmas Cactus: 10 Planters Perfect For Schlumbergera

In a world full of options, finding the perfect pot for a christmas cactus can be a challenge. After finding how to choose a gardening soil, you’ll naturally find yourself wondering what kind of pot is right for your plants. I compiled this list of planters for your holiday cactus to make potting a breeze.

My top choice pot for Christmas cactus is this set of two planters from Fengson. They’re Made of ceramic clay (Porous material suitable for plants that need drainage) and include drainage holes and saucers so they can be used interchangeably as a tabletop pot or a hanging pot. 

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What Kind of Pot is Ideal for this Plant? 

The ideal pot for a Christmas cactus is a well-draining pot. Try and find one with drainage holes and also search for a pot material that is porous such as terra cotta, ceramic, or clay. 

10 Pots for a Christmas Cactus

1. Fengson Ceramic Hanging Planters

Set of two hanging planters

  • Ceramic
  • Two planters 
  • Versatile use
  • Comes with drainage holes

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 Two really is better than one, and Fengson’s Ceramic Hanging Planters agree as well! This set comes with two white ceramic planters, both in different sizes. One planter is 8.2” while the other is 6.7” and they both come with handy drainage holes. The two sizes are especially convenient when the time comes to repot your Thanksgiving cactus- no searching for another replacement pot! These planters are versatile and can be used as a hanging planter, or can also be placed on a table (a drainage tray is included to keep your home clean).


Reviewers were thrilled with the beauty of the hanging planters. One reviewer was pleased with the versatility of the planters and how they can be used for either tabletops or as a hanging planter. 

2. Gardener’s Supply Company Bloem Durra Cotta Hanging Basket

Large hanging basket with drainage

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • 12.5” in diameter
  • Self-watering
  • Made in the US

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This hanging planter from Gardener’s Supply Company is a perfect match for your Christmas cactus. This planter comes in four colors (black, beige, olive green, terra cotta), so you can easily find something to match your home! It’s made from polypropylene, which is a great durable material that is resistant to cracking, discoloration, and freezing temperatures. And don’t worry about drainage- this planter has a self-watering feature to make sure your Christmas cactus has the perfect amount of moisture each time

3. ePlanters Jay Scott Malaga Tapered Square Planter

Stylish square planter with customizable options

  • Comes in many colors
  • Available in two sizes
  • Weatherproof and frost resistant
  • Drainage holes must be requested

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For the interior design savvy, this pot from ePlanters  conveniently comes in 21 different colors and two size options (11” or 14”). This planter is made from a durable fiberglass material, and only comes with drainage holes upon request. Adding drainage holes is no extra charge, however there is a clear warning that planters with drainage holes added are non-returnable.  

4. Cellar Door Plants Tall Terra Cotta Pot

Tall tabletop planter good for juvenile plants

  • Drainage hole included
  • Tall shape
  • Made from terra cotta

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For Christmas cactus owners starting with a youngling, this pot by Cellar Door Plants is a good starter for your plant. This simple planter is made from terra cotta and has a drainage hole, for maximum water release to keep your crab cactus adequately nurtured. The tall height of the planter is also convenient for when your Christmas cactus begins to grow longer. This planter is a good starter pot for your plant before its time to transfer.

5. 23 Bees’ Macrame Hanging Planter with Terra Cotta Clay Pot

Three terra cotta hanging planters

  • Three planters
  • Hanging planter
  • Comes with free ebook

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This hanging planter from 23 Bees is perfect for housing multiple Christmas cacti. Three terra cotta pots are hung one on top of another, for a tasteful look without overcrowding your home with hanging plants. Each pot is 7” in diameter and 6.5” tall, and overall the hanging planter is 4.75 ft long. Terra cotta is perfect for a Christmas cactus because of their porous material (perfect for keeping excess moisture out of your plant), but these pots also do have a drainage hole at the bottom. The drainage hole has a convenient stopper in case you prefer not to have it open. And to top it all off, this planter comes with a free ebook that gives you helpful tips about interior decorating with houseplants. 


Reviewers agree this hanging planter is a beautiful addition to the home! Some also noted that the planter is well-made and sturdy and was able to support their plants without issue. While most reviews were positive, one reviewer was not happy with this planter, claiming that it was the cause of their plants dying.

6. Creative Co-Op Large Hanging Clay Pot with Jute Hanger

Large planter made from terra cotta

  • Large sphere shape
  • Uniquely made
  • Made in India
  • No drainage holes

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The rustic look of Creative Co-Op’s hanging clay pot is a great statement piece to your home- and a great place to house your Christmas cactus. This pot comes in a large spherical shape and is 15” at its widest point. While this planter does not have drainage holes, it is however made from terra cotta. Terra cotta is an excellent material for planters as it is porous and helps draw out excess moisture. Another interesting feature is that each of these planters is unique- the company lets you know each one will vary slightly from one another. 


Reviewers loved this terra cotta planter for both its look and functionality. Some reviewers did note that while each pot is uniquely made (as disclosed by Creative Co-Op), the sizes are still very similar to one another. 

7. Link Solar Wall Hanging Planter

Plastic hanging planter with good drainage

  • Hangs on walls and fences
  • Metal hooks are included
  • Lightweight plastic material

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This wall planter from Link Solar might be made of plastic, but that doesn’t automatically negate it as being unfit for a Christmas cactus. In fact- this hanging planter is perfect for it! The polypropylene material this planter is made from is durable and weather resistant, which is a lifesaver if you intend on keeping your cacti outside. Inside, this planter has a hidden reservoir to store excess water that has drained out. Metal hooks are also included with the planter for easy installment. 


Reviewers were very happy with this pot, saying that it is durable and aesthetically pleasing in their garden. They were also thrilled with the leak-proof drainage reservoir included inside the planter. However, some reviewers did not feel the love and shared that they thought the planter felt cheap.

8. Joda Mid Century Round Succulent Planter

Stylish shallow round planter with stand

  • Wooden stand adds height
  • Porcelain ceramic pot
  • Drainage holes included

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Stylish yet still very functional, this planter from Joda will make your schlumberga a standout in your home. The pot itself is 10” wide and 5” tall and is made from white porcelain ceramic. It also includes two drainage holes which is important for your plant. Included is a wooden stand which adds extra height to your planter. The extra height is great for a growing Christmas cactus so its long stems have room to hang and stretch. 


Reviewers loved the white ceramic planter and said it looked beautiful in their homes. However, reviews did point out that the wooden stand the planter comes with is made cheaply and some even broke apart. 

9. Gardener’s Supply Company Bloam Durra Cotta Planters

Large and durable polypropylene planter 

  • Comes in two colors
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Drainage holes included

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Perfect for larger plants, this planter from Gardener’s Supply Company is a sturdy and practical choice for your Christmas cactus. The polypropylene material this planter comes in either brown or dark green and has multiple size options (12” and 16”). Drainage holes are included to keep your cacti from being overwatered. 


With no negative reviews, buyers of this planter were very pleased with the quality of this planter. They also loved the two color options, and how the polypropylene still had the authentic look of a ceramic pot. 

10. Creative Co-Op Terra Cotta Pot with Metal Stand

Rustic terra cotta planter with optional stand

  • Drainage hole included
  • Stand is included
  • Small size

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For the classic terra cotta look, this planter from Creative Co-Op is the right choice for you and your holiday cactus. It comes with a metal stand which is removable. This pot is relatively small (5.25” in diameter) so I would recommend this for a smaller, younger cactus. Not only is this pot made of terra cotta clay, but there is a hole for extra drainage. 


Reviewers liked how this planter is raised to allow for their plant’s leaves to drape over the pot. They were also happy with the overall look of the planter, saying it was perfect for their home’s interior and exterior. On the other hand, some reviewers were disappointed with the quality of the pot, claiming it felt cheap. Another buyer also reported that their pot did not have a drainage hole. 

Which Product Should I Choose?

Planter for Schlumbergera

There are definitely a lot of choices out there. If you want a great overall buy in both quality and value, go for Fengson’s Ceramic Hanging Planters.

If you’re a person whose priority is style but still cares about functionality, think about going for either the 23 Bees’ Macrame Hanging Planter with Terra Cotta Clay Pot or the ePlanters Jay Scott Malaga Tapered Square Planter.

If you want a classic terra cotta look, try the Creative Co-Op Terra Cotta Pot with Metal Stand or  Creative Co-Op Large Hanging Clay Pot with Jute Hanger.

What pH Range is Best for Christmas Cactus? 

A pH with a range of 5.5 to 6.2 is best for the Christmas cactus. 

Container for crab, holiday, Thanksgiving cacti

What fertilizer ratio is best for Christmas Cactus?

The best fertilizer ratio for a Thanksgiving cactus is a water soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer.

What is the size of a fully grown Christmas Cactus?

At maturity, the long branches of a Christmas cactus can grow as long as three feet.

What is a good pot size for a young Christmas Cactus?

A young plant will do well in a pot that is 2 inches larger than what it’s currently in. As an example, if you brought your young plant home in a pot that is 6 inches, then plan to repot it in a pot that is 8 inches in diameter. 

Planter for Schlumbergera

What is a good pot size for a fully grown Christmas Cacti?

Since it is difficult to determine how big your Christmas cactus will become as it matures, the best practice is to make sure you size up your pot each time by 2 inches. 

What is the original habitat of Christmas Cactus?

The schlumbergera is native to the tropics of Brazil.

What’s the best potting soil for this Christmas Cactus?

The best potting soil mix for this plant is a lightweight, well-draining mix. Any commercial succulent potting mix should be sufficient for the Thanksgiving cactus.

Should Christmas Cactus Pot have Good Drainage?

Absolutely. I cannot stress enough that a pot for a Chistmas cactus should have good drainage.

Pot for Christmas Cactus

Should Christmas Cactus retain moist soil? 

Yes, since the Christmas cactus is regarded as a jungle cactus, it does enjoy moistness. However, the soil should still be well-draining, which is important. 

Clay or Plastic Pot for Christmas Cactus?

Definitely go with a clay pot for Christmas cactus, as they’re better suited for drainage. Plastic is okay, but drainage holes are a must.

Container for crab, holiday, Thanksgiving cacti

Do Christmas Cacti like to be Root Bound?

Yes they do like to be root bound.

What’s the Best Pot Shape for Christmas Cactus?

Planter for Schlumbergera Pot for Christmas Cactus

While the shape of the pot is insignificant, the most crucial aspect of a pot for Christmas cactus is the drainage.  No matter what, please select a pot that has drainage; if there is no drainage hole, try to look for a breathable material such as clay or terra cotta. Christmas cacti also prefer to be root bound, so a pot with a low pot volume works as well.

Is Orchid Soil Good for Christmas Cactus?

While orchid soil has properties that are beneficial to a Christmas cactus, it would be best to mix it with other soils to create an optimal environment for the plant.

Hanging Pot Good for Christmas Cactus?

Yes a hanging pot is great for a Christmas cactus to allow their branches to stretch. 

Pot for Christmas Cactus

My Personal Favorite Pot for Christmas Cactus

My personal favorite pot for a Christmas cactus Fengson’s Ceramic Hanging Planters. With this product, you conveniently get two ceramic planters that can double as either a hanging planter or a tabletop planter. They come in two sizes, which is great if you have more than one cactus. The ceramic material combined with the drainage holes help prevent root rot as well. Handy saucers are also included to catch any excess water that drains from your planter. This is really the best vessel to house your Christmas cacti in. 

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