Pot for African Violets: 10 Planters Perfect For Saintpaulia Flowers

Choosing the perfect pot for African violets doesn’t have to be difficult. They just need a well-draining pot that can give a steady amount of moisture. I compiled this list of the best pots for African violets.

My personal choice from the list of pots for African violets is the Cellar Door Plants Cylinder Planter & Tray because it gets the job done when it comes to properly housing an African violet. It’s the perfect size for an average plant and comes with both a drainage hole and a drip tray to keep your home clean

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Top 5 Pots for African Violets

What Kind of Pot is Ideal for this Plant?

The best pot for African violets, Saintpaulia ionantha, is something that is porous and well-draining. Materials that suit these qualities include clay and ceramic. You can also use plastic as long as there are drainage holes.

Our List Of Pots for African Violets

1. Cellar Door Plants Cylinder Planter & Tray

Simple ceramic planter with two color options

  • Made from ceramic
  • Drainage hole
  • Tray is included

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Made from ceramic, this simple modern planter from Cellar Door Plants are a great choice to your African violets in. Available in black or white, this 4” planter is the perfect size to keep your plants in. A drainage hole is included at the bottom to ensure your African violets don’t sit in moisture. It also comes with a drip tray to catch excess water and keep your home clean.

2. Jnynhha 8 Piece Self Watering Planter

Eight self-watering planters with universal design

  • Comes with eight planters
  • Self-watering
  • Made of plastic

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Jnynhha’s self-watering planter comes in a pack of eight small pots, making this an obvious choice for those planning on buying multiple violets. These planters are made from plastic and have a simple design which is universal in any home. This is a double layer design where you store the water on the bottom for the self-watering feature.


Reviewers were pleased with this product, saying that these planters are lightweight and the self-watering feature is very easy to use!

3. Cellar Door Plants Short Terra Cotta Planter

Simple, classic terra cotta pot

  • Made of terra cotta
  • Drainage hole
  • Drip tray not included

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For fans of the classic terra cotta look, this planter from Cellar Door Plants is the way to go. With a 4” diameter, this pot size is perfect for a small plant such as the African violet. This planter is made of terra cotta clay, which is porous and perfect to give your African violets the right amount of aeration and moisture. In addition, this pot also has a drainage hole drilled into it. However, it does not come with a drainage tray, so do keep in mind if you intend on using this for indoor spaces.

4. Gardener’s Supply Company Ellipse Self-Watering Indoor Planter

Indoor self-watering pot for larger sized plants

  • Comes in three colors
  • Shallow planting depth
  • Holds 1 cup of water

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Gardener’s Supply Company Ellipse Self-Watering Indoor Planter is a stylish, yet very functional addition to your home. This shallow (3” deep) pot has a water reservoir that holds up to 1 cup of water. There is also a convenient gauge to check and see when the water needs to be refilled. The planter is an oval shape, and is 5.25” by 8.5” inches.


This planter has no negative reviews so far- Buyers are thrilled with this product. They specifically applaud the self-watering feature, saying that it keeps their plants perfectly watered. Another reviewer loved the convenience of how the oval shape fits onto smaller surfaces such as countertops and windowsills.

5. Gardener’s Supply Company Lechuza Quadra LS Premium Self-Watering Square Planter

Sleek square planter with multiple size and color options

  • Comes in large sizes
  • Multiple color options
  • Shatterproof

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Made from durable polypropylene, this planter from Gardener’s Supply Company is a great pot for African violets that are larger in size. Their smallest size starts at 8.26” (listed as 21 cm), and the largest size is 19.69” (listed as 50 cm) to accommodate a large African violet. Not only is there a wide variety in sizes, but they also have a variety of colors as well (though please keep in mind some colors are not available in all sizes).

6. Léon & George Scandinavian The Four

Minimalist planter with an overflow saucer

  • Includes drainage tray
  • Three colors available
  • Made of glazed ceramic

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For the sleek and stylish gardener, this planter from Léon & George is the right pot for African violets. This 4” ceramic pot is the perfect addition to anyone’s interior or exterior decor and doesn’t skip out on any of the functionality. It comes available in three colors and has an overflow saucer used to drain out any excess water.

7. ePlanters Lechuza Deltini Premium Planter

Durable indoor planter

  • Indoor use only
  • Self-watering
  • Keeps soil moist for 12 weeks

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This beautiful planter from ePlanters is a great pot for African violets with an excellent self-watering system. This indoor-only planter is 100% recyclable and is UV and frost resistant, so no worries about keeping this pot by the windowsill! It’s self-watering feature boasts that it is award-winning and designed by German engineering.

8. T-Trove Round African Violet Self-Watering Pot

Rustic blue ceramic planter

  • Hand-made look
  • Two piece self-watering pot
  • Made from ceramic

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This planter from T-Trove might look like a regular clay planter, but this 4” pot is much more than that. Aside from its beautiful blue color, this double layered pot has a handy self-watering feature. The other pot holds the water in, while the interior clay pot holds your African violets. The clay material is porous and allows an adequate amount of moisture to pass through and nourish your plant.


Reviewers absolutely adored this planter in their homes, saying it helped make their African violets healthy and happy. They also loved the look of the planter, as well as its self-watering feature. Reviewers swear by this product to guarantee flourishing plants. However, some reviewers weren’t as thrilled as others, claiming this planter had a leak in it. 

9. Vanavazon Self-Watering Planter 3 Pack

Three self-watering pots with decorative design

  • 6.7” diameter
  • Made from plastic
  • Self-watering

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These self-watering planters from Vanavazon are a great value to add to your home and house your African violets. Made from a quality plastic material, these lightweight pots can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Its double-layered design stores water at the bottom and keeps your plants watered perfectly.


Reviewers were very happy with the function of the self-watering system. They attributed the success of their African violets to these planters. However, while reviewers were happy with the self-watering, they felt like the plastic of the pots made it look and feel cheaply made.

10. Vanavazon Self-Watering 3 Pack African Violet Pots

Three self-watering plastic pots

  • Comes in two colors
  • See-through water holder
  • Double layered design

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This set of three planters from Vanavazon is the perfect addition to your home garden. Its see-through water reservoir gives it a modern touch, yet is still very functional. With 6” in diameter, this is the perfect size for more medium-to-large African violets. This premium plastic container is available in both white and gray.


Reviewers were very pleased with these planters! Some noted that they loved the clear water reservoir, which allowed them to see when their water level was running low. On the other hand, reviewers were not happy with the product, saying that the two pieces were very difficult to separate. Another reviewer was not thrilled and claimed that their planter made the soil too wet.

Which Pot for African Violets Should You Choose?

Planter for Saintpaulia Flowers

As you can clearly see, there are many options to choose from.

If you want a functional and stylish planter, I would recommend Cellar Door Plants Cylinder Planter & Tray or Gardener’s Supply Company Ellipse Self-Watering Indoor Planter.

If you have a lot of plants on your hand, Vanavazon Self-Watering Planter 3 Pack and Jnynhha 8 Piece Self Watering Planter

What pH Range is Best for Pot for African Violets?

Container for African violets

African violets prefer a pH range of 5.8 and 6.2; which is slightly acidic and borderline neutral.

What Fertilizer Ratio is Best for African Violets?

Pot for African Violets

The fertilizer ratio that you should look for when nurturing your African violets is either14-12-14 or 7-9-5.

What is the Size of a Fully Grown African Violet?

Planter for Saintpaulia Flowers

The largest variety of African violets will grow to be over 16 inches across. However, standard varieties usually span between 8 and 16 inches. Miniature varieties grow to less than 8 inches. (The Old Farmer’s Almanac)

What is a Good Pot Size for Young African Violets?

If you’re planting a juvenile African violet, I would suggest a small pot of about 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

What is a Good Pot Size for Fully Grown African Violets?

Container for African violets

As your African violets grow, a good size for a fully mature plant would be between 4 to 5 inches in diameter.

What is the Original Habitat of African Violets?

African violets originate in Tanzania, which is in Eastern Africa. (The Old Farmer’s Almanac)

What’s the Best Potting Soil for African Violets?

Pot for African Violets

Deciding how to choose a gardening soil that suits individual plants can be a little tricky. The best potting soil mix for African violets contains no dirt, but rather an aerated blend of sphagnum peat moss, perlite, lime and polystyrene would best suit this plant.

Should African Violets pots have Good Drainage?

Planter for Saintpaulia Flowers

Yes, your plant pot should have good drainage, as it is effective in the prevention of root rot..

Should African Violets Retain Moist Soil?

The soil should be moist, but not soggy. Well-draining soil is an important part of caring for an African violet plant and a leading preventer of root rot.

Is Self Watering Pots Good for African Violet?

Yes it is. A self watering pot will ensure the African violet retains just enough moisture for it to live a healthy life.

Container for African violets

Overall, my favorite from the list above is the Cellar Door Plants Cylinder Planter & Tray. While it is a beautiful pot itself, it is also a functional vessel for the African violets. It is made of ceramic, and also has plenty of drainage to keep your African violets properly moistened but without too much water.

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